David Johansen Group in Germany (early ’80s)


The Dolls split up in an orgy of heroin, acrimony and poor management (Malcom Mc Laren was a situationist genius, but pretty incompetent business side…). Nolan and Thunders left Florida (where the dolls decamped in 1974) and went back to NYC to form the Heartbreakers with Richard Hell just ousted from Television.


David Johansen and Sylvian tried to revive the Dolls but gave up after a while. David Johansen formed the David Johansen Group starting an interesting solo career. His first three studio albums –David Johansen (1978), In Style (1979) and Here Comes the Night (1981)- are pretty solid. The two live albums –The David Johansen Group Live (1978) and Live it Up (1982) are the real thing…

Here it comes half an hour of never seen footage of the David Johansen Group in its most rocking hour…