Shake Some Action!

The Flamin’ Groovies are one of the greatest r’n’r bands. Ever. Period. in the r’n’r darkest years, an age perverted by prog and late psychedelic jam nonsense, they kept going on. they kept playing unadultered, no frills, exciting r’n’r deeply rooted in r’n’b and beat. you can’t go wrong with it, man… as the middle-age monks, they preserved (with few other bands, I have to say) this way of acting and playing for the generations to come. They delivered. And they survived…

They are on the verge of a major come-back with an euro-tour culminating in an opening bill for the boss himself in London, june 30th. They deserve it


Through one of the best blogs around, White trash soul, I’ll give you, brothers and sisters, the best ever issue of the classic “shake some action” album. the others (on sire records) were quite muddy, let alone the australian reissue of the eighties. this power pop jewel never sounded so cool and perfect.