The last San Francisco r’n’r band: an eulogy for The Nuns

nuns 1

San Francisco was the hometown for some of my favourite r’n’r bands: Jefferson Airplane, The Flamin’ Groovies, SVT, Crime, The Avengers, just to name a few. But after the heyday of punk the flow of r’n’r bands from the Bay Area suddenly stopped. Since then nothing exciting has crossed the Golden Gate.

Well, The Nuns were the last to surrender. They relocated to New York. Fact. They lost their edge since the first reunion in 1980. Fact. They became an ugly goth/SM band. Fact. Alejandro Escovedo turned out a quite boring “americana” songwriter from the manic guitarist he once was. Fact. They dilapidated in true r’n’r style a huge collective talent when they were on the brink to sign with Columbia-CBS and to be managed by Bill Graham, one of the most powerful man in the show-biz. Fact.

Nuns #17

Richie Detrick, Jeff Oleaner and Alejandro Escovedo. Nuns

But for a tiny window in space and time, in the few blocks separating the Mabuhay Garden restaurant to the Winterland Ballroom and in the few months from December 1976 to December 1978, they were one of most incendiary  band in the world.  And Jennifer Miro was an icy queen cast from Nico-V.U. era mold… The two concerts you can see here are a true testimonial.

The first one is recorded at the Winterland Ballroom the 30th of July 1977.


The second one is the infamous triple bill supporting the Sex Pistols on their last concert ever: same location, 14th of January 1978, with The Avengers on the second slot and the Negative Trend tricked by Bill Graham to play after The Pistols when the hall was emptied.

And for the very first time ever you can download’em here in all their ragged glory…