The Heartbreakers: The Yonkers demos (1976)


Early Heartbreakers (1975)

HBO’s Vinyl is one of the most exaltating  – and as accurate as a mass product could be – r’n’r tv show ever. On its epic, Martin Scorsese directed pilot, a New York Dolls show in 1973 caused the collapse of the Mercer Art Street Center as well as the enlightment of the main character Richie Finestra.

Well, after 43 years some great bands (The New York Dolls, Iggy and The Stooges, Television) will get the recognition they deserved from a general public that for the very first time will get exposed to them. Too little, too late…

Let’s jump forward: The Dolls acrimously split up in a trailer camp in Florida in Spring 1975. Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan came back to NYC to their smack suppliers. In the meantime, Yom Verlaine has given Richard Hell the boot from Television. Enter Walter Lure and it’s the birth of the first supergroup of New York punk rock.


Early Heartbreakers (1976)

The early Heartbreakers were a case study of “too many cocks in a roster”. Without Richard Hell, the Heartbreakers  were a far better band (and The Television, I have to say, a much better one…). Mr. Myers was a good poet, a great scenemaker, hardly a distinguished musician and/or a songwriter.

It’s too bad we hadn’t  had the chance to hear anything professionally recorded from this ill-fated yet powerful line-up. Until now. For the very first time here a demo session recorded by Bobby Orlando at the SBS Studios in Yonkers, NY in January 1976 with killer early versions of such r’n’r classics as Chines Rocks, Born to Lose, Love Comes in Spurts, Blank Generation (both later in The Voidoids first LP).

01. Love Comes In Spurts 0:00
02. I Wanna Be Loved By You 2:47
03. Blank Generation 5:20
04. Chinese Rocks 8:10
05. Pirate Love 11:07
06. Can’t Keep My Eyes On You 14:35
07. Flight 17:53
08. Hurt Me 21:35
09. You Gotta Lose 25:39
10. Goin’ Steady 28:47